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    6 Budget Friendly Trip Tips

    Kait used budget friendly travel tips in Colorado
    Ever wonder how people travel so often? Here is a short list of things I myself and other frequent travelers are doing while on trips to help keep them budget friendly to continue to travel frequently. #travel #budgettravel Ever wonder how people travel so often? Here is a short list of things I myself and other frequent travelers are doing while on trips to help keep them budget friendly to continue to travel frequently. #travel #budgettravel Ever wonder how people travel so often? Here is a short list of things I myself and other frequent travelers are doing while on trips to help keep them budget friendly to continue to travel frequently. #travel #budgettravel

    Lately I feel like I’ve been in a bind, a financial bind. Yet somehow I am still able to travel. This has my friends a bit confused as to how I do this. The key is creating a specific budget for your goals and sticking to them. This can lead to several posts but today I’m going to focus on how to make a trip itself affordable. If you notice in my upcoming adventures I have quite a few plans this year so far. With one being the exception as it’s for a wedding, the Cancun trip in April, I regularly practice these budget friendly tips below.


    This doesn’t mean go out and ask your entire friend group to join you, though that can be fun it’s sometimes way more stressful than it’s worth. I have also found that once you reach a certain number, the cost of the trip increases. Find one to three others to travel with you to help split lodging and other costs keeping the trip budget friendly.

    With a small group you don’t have too many people wanting to do different things, you can easily come up with activities to enjoy together and hopefully fit something that each individual wanted to do in.


    Now this option isn’t always feasible but for some destinations it is and can be an extremely cost effective option. Taking out the rental expense and flight expense can save up to a couple hundred dollars. Mine and JP’s rule of thumb is if it’s about 20 hours or less, drive it. This also eliminates the possible cancellation factors due to bad weather and allows for a unique adventure where if bad weather is on your path to divert along your route and check out something new.


    If you haven’t figured out by now my absolute favorite travel site is Airbnb. On airbnb you can rent anything from someone’s couch to a whole private island. This lends a lot of flexibility for choices. When traveling with two I recommend renting out a bedroom rather than a whole private home to help keep the trip budget friendly.

    Other pros of renting a room are meeting your hosts. Those whom are renting out their place are very accustomed to the budget traveller and are probably one themselves, hosting to help bring in money for their next adventure.

    I have done this twice now and had great experiences both times.


    The sad yet exciting thing about getting older is your friends moving away. I like to look at the glass half full and take advantage of the new travel opportunities this presents. Plan a trip to the area and stay with your friend. Perks, they will know the local scene and be able to give you some tips of where to check out and you get some time to catch up with one another!

    Don’t be a burden though, they may not be taking all the days off during your stay. Be sure to look up local transportation options if you do not have a vehicle.


    I get it, season passes can give you quite the sticker shock. I buy a season pass every year and it’s always so hard paying for it up front but in the long run I save so much money! When purchasing a season pass think about your activity like snowboarding for example. Now lay out the options, a home slope vs a multi-mountain pass and the travels it can entail. I have found I save HUNDREDS of dollars by purchasing a season pass and utilizing it. That’s insane! This next season there is a new pass rolling out that I will be taking a look at, the Ikon Pass.

    If you are a hiker you may already know about the America the Beautiful Pass for entrance into the National Parks. This is great for families too looking for a budget friendly family road trip. National Parks have so much to see and do, each one is unique.


    Let’s face it, working a full time office job you probably don’t have unlimited PTO. What I myself and others as I’ve read have been doing is utilizing weekends and holidays. Use one day to take off a Friday so you can head off to your destination after work on Thursday. Use the weekends to your advantage however you want to spin it. I prefer multiple shorter trips rather than one long trip eating up all time off. Frequent travel keeps my spirits high throughout the year rather than looking forward to one big trip in the middle then knowing it will be months before traveling again.


    Hopefully this helped you to think about your upcoming travels and how you can make them more friendly on your wallet. All these tips above are ones that I practice on majority of my trips to continue my many travels. Along with other money saving tips on the home front, but that is later to come. Comment below with any other hacks you may use to keep things budget friendly. I’ll continue to add to the list or create more posts with your input.

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