2018 Goal Setting

New Years Eve 2018 Fireworks on the Slopes

Hello to 2018! I am back from my first trip of the boarding season which trickled into the new year. The trip, was not what I expected it to be, that is to come in a later post. This post here is going to be about goals. Setting some short and long term goals for this new year as well as some goals that will be a few years out but start now. I personally love doing 2-3 year plans as it’s a long yet short enough timeline to cross some big things off the list.

Last year found my voice while writing and decided to really push this blog forward as you have previously read. I am hoping to turn this into a working portfolio of inspirational adventures, life stories, and some how to’s along the way by delivering stories to you on the regular here along with photos on my Instagram account.

Hint: The photos right above the footer of this page are from my Instagram account.

I cannot do this without having something to organize my thoughts so to stay ahead of the game I have written them down. This is where my Passion Planner* comes in. Being able to map out my year goals and have written in due dates is wonderful! Having something in writing makes a big difference for myself, especially in this digital age. It’s so easy to lose things or just simply avoid when it’s only in digital format.


Launch Blog E-Newsletter

You may have noticed that I have been collecting email addresses via a pop up form. There is also a signup in the sidebar to the right so if you have not already, please sign up! This newsletter will consists of a monthly round-up of posts. There may be one-off emails asking for your advice, upcoming adventure announcements and possible new swag to come later.

Many of you have asked when I have new posts, turns out I post weekly! So this will be a great communication tool that I can send out each month for you to catch up on. It will be launching at the end of this month.

Start Vlogging on YouTube

This has been a long time coming. I am obsessed with my GoPro and have been capturing footage consistently. Many years of footage dating back to my first GoPro, the Hero 3 Silver in 2012 I believe. I have been working on acquiring some new gear to get unique shots but I plan to launch a vlog soon! Follow along on my YouTube channel by clicking subscribe. I know, there’s nothing there at the moment but once I start uploading you will get notifications as a subscriber.

Getting Jerry Involved

My man and adventure partner Jerry has a lot to say as well. He’s not the creative mind that I am but extremely knowledgable on the sports he loves. He will be writing a few posts with my guidance throughout the year that vary from snowboarding, workouts, and probably some fishing as he is a big muskie fisherman. These will be in addition to my weekly posts so get ready for another voice on the blog and lots of unique articles. You will also see him appearing in the vlog too.

Jerry capturing content in Utah


Be Consistent

I am promising to you, my readers that there will be one post a week! I already have my posts planned through June and I am excited to share some of my sweet upcoming adventures with you. However there are post topics that are already being altered due to changes during my previous trip last week. This drives me slightly insane as I have written them in pen in my planner. Time to find some whiteout.

I am determined to grow this adventure community through my blog, vlog, and other social channels. Another great way to follow along is by following me on Bloglovin.

Reach Goal Weight of 150lbs

My sports can be rough on my body and I want to be in tip-top shape. This season started out rough. With a newer relationship we are still trying to find stride in a good eating and working out ritual. Jerry and I have very different eating habits, mine was fairly healthy but has since been slacking and I’d like to get back to it.

Due to this, also comes the weight gain. You would be shocked if you knew my current weight. Though I won’t tell you that, I am being open and honest about my goal which is a total loss of over 20lbs believe it or not. By the end of the year (but hopefully before) I plan to be at and maintain my goal weight of 150lbs. As a Beachbody Coach I will be participating in the 80 Day Obsession program. If you haven’t heard about it, definitly check it out. it’s going to be intense and a great kick-start to my weight-loss journey this year.

Due to my extreme sports I tend to do some extra workouts at times to cater to the muscles being used during them so be watching for many snack hacks and workouts to aid in your adventures. Who knows, maybe I’ll even start sharing some easy recipes that I love however I do not want to turn into a food blog.


Travel Overseas

I have been bitten by the travel bug, hard. I am excited to head out to Cancún this April for one of my bests weddings! However with all the travel warnings going out about Mexico I will be sticking to the resort to play it safe. I do want to venture out overseas in multiple areas. One goal of mine is to travel Europe backpacking style for a month. Another more recent goal is to also head to Japan for some epic snow lines, an extreme snowboarding trip. These goals start now as I slowly work towards building this blog and my freelance clientele on the design side of things to be able to afford these trips and sustain myself while there.

Move to the Mountains

The process is beginning, operation move to the mountains! The goal destination as of current: Ogden, Utah. We chose Utah due to the lower cost of living and the great options surrounding it with so many national parks and amazing snow on the slopes and in the backcountry. I would love to live in Colorado, but unfortunately the cost of living is so high and finding a decent job is tough. However in Utah we can easily travel between Colorado and up to Jackson Wyoming. We can also head out to Mammoth for a not horrendous drive too. It’s a great middle spot for all things snow.

Part of this process began actually 2 years ago when I bought my townhouse. I bought it as an investment, sick of paying rent and looking for potential. A place I could rent out and earn income to help support the move out west. I found a sweet steal on a foreclosure in the middle of winter and it has become quite a great space as I’ve been fixing it up DIY style.

That’s all for now, cheers to 2018!

*I am not endorsed by Passion Planner, I just freaking love it! If you choose to order one please put my personal email for referral:

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