A New Unique Workout To Improve Your Shredding Skills

I’m going to let you in on a little not so secret.

Boarding, whether it be wake or snow, isn’t just about your time riding and practicing.

Wait, what!? Did I just put you into shock?  Yes, I know I’ve said in the past snowboarding is a great leg and core workout (also arms and shoulders if you’re wakeboarding). Even though boarding is both a skill and a great workout, by doing other types of workouts outside of the actual sport is crucial to improving and keeping your body healthy overall.

My goal here and the next few posts (while I am in between seasons here in MN) is to show you how you can continue to grow your skills even though you are not on a board. How to not loose your mojo in between seasons!

This last weekend I got out of my box, well lets face it I’m an adventurer there is no box it’s more like a giant circle called earth. Either way I tried something new! I checked out a local place in Northeast Minneapolis called The Aivery. A friend of mine decided she wanted to do something different for her birthday celebration and got us all to try Aerial Yoga!

It was a fun unique way to celebrate, getting a workout in before a night out that didn’t feel like a normal workout…until the next day. I fell in love with this form of yoga for several reasons:

  1. It’s a challenge, which is how I picked up snowboarding in the first place. I enjoy the challenge.
  2. The fabrics worked out kinks in places I’ve been struggling with in my shoulder, neck, and back. Kinks that I’ve gained from snowboarding all winter, along with a few falls from trying new tricks. See my last post for a fails video!
  3. There’s constant room to grow! Once you’ve figured out a pose you move to the next, tougher version.

WARNING: Aerial Yoga can give you bruises. It’s like when you get a deep tissue massage. But it’s so worth how amazing you feel the day after!

IMPORTANT: Yoga isn’t just for women! It involves a great deal of strength along with balance on top of improving flexibility. Also the breathing techniques taught in yoga can improve athletic performance. By breathing properly we can better deliver energy to our cells. I personally find this extremely helpful when I am training for half marathons and especially snowboarding in the high altitudes of the mountains.

Okay, I know it’s quite the stretch to ask you to do Aerial Yoga if you are a yoga virgin so I am including a few great beginning poses to get you introduced to the practice. Please note that I am not a certified instructor, just someone who loves the practice.

Below in order we have Downward Facing Dog, Upward Facing Dog, Forward Fold, Chair Pose, Warrior 1, Warrior 2, and Child’s Pose.

Next is one of my favorite warmups for any activity. It’s part of the Sun Salutation A. I love moving through this sequence several times before a workout. Get’s your body stretching and moving all in one! It’s also great to get your body moving in the morning. Don’t do this as fast as the image though, be sure to breath deeply in and out through each position.


Get out there and switch it up! Try this out and you will quickly see how the teachings of yoga are beneficial to your boarding sports and more. Remember to not only be flexible  in your workouts but your day to day decisions. You may find yourself on a new adventure.


Don’t forget, wake season is almost upon us! Check out Chelsie’s Consider Yourself Challenged post to get that beautiful boootay to show off this summer. Post your results to our Facebook Page or tag us on instagram @frozenorthawed.

Know other workouts that are great for boarding? Comment below or tweet me @frozenorthawed. I’d love to try it out and create a post around suggestions!

Tata for now!


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