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Must Have Apps for a Snowboarding or Ski Trip

View from Jeep while driving up the mountains of Big Cottonwood Canyon Utah.

It’s that time of year where us snowboarders are starting to plan our trips for the season. Making decisions on whether to fly or drive, where to stay, and who can handle the terrain we plan to encounter. Here are some of my favorite apps that I use regularly during all of my snowboarding trips.


This app is pretty common and probably already in your back pocket. What I love about The Weather Channel App is the location feature and easily finding out the weather wherever you are or plan to travel. You can easily check the live radar as well. Allow this app to send notifications so you are able to get warnings about any flash floods or other severe weather headed your way.

My favorite moment is when I arrived in Denver last season I got a notification for a severe weather alert, a snowstorm, as I stepped off the plane. Scored some sweet powder days!


This one is an absolute must have! Owned by Paypal, Venmo allows you to instantly send money to your friends who are also using the app. It’s great for splitting gas, parking and of course your bar tab. My friends and I have discovered the hard way that many places don’t split tabs for big parties while on snowboarding trips out in Colorado. Having everyone in the crew download this app was a total game changer. No fumbling around with cash or remembering to pay someone later.

My favorite part is leaving fun messages for your friends when paying 💸💰. Gotta find that perfect emoji! It’s the simple things. 😉

BONUS: Not only can you send money but you can also request! Personally I use this for some of the monthly subscriptions my friends and I split.


Forget “Google Maps” by google and “Maps” by apple, get Waze. Why? This app is a social driving app. Say what!? Okay, let me break it down a bit. Once you open and log into the app you are now a “wazer”. You, along with other wazer’s are reporting the road hazards in real time. Including where cops may be sitting and waiting if you’re a lead foot like myself.

This app has a very simple user interface, without the use of typing you are able to mark hazards with icons. With the help of other wazers alike it also routes you on the fastest path to your destination like google, but I have found this to be much faster. I do get re-routed more often with Waze, avoiding major slowdowns which google doesn’t detect as quickly.


Last but not least, and honestly probably the most crucial app to have available on a snowboarding or ski trip is the Open Snow App. Generally on a snowboarding trip my crew travels to a destination with many resort options and we don’t set a plan for what to ride what day. We plan to follow the powder.

The crew at Open Snow is phenomenal at updating the stats regularly. This app is one to open each morning of your trip. You can easily view where the most snow has fallen to help you decide where to ride. Some other great features of this app is it uses your location to bring up resorts close to you. You can also save your favorite mountains (or maybe your local ones) to view quickly on hour home screen of the app. Lastly there is a “Powder Finder” tab if you are able to be flexible enough to travel wherever the powder may be.


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