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In my adult life I have found it very important to continue to educate myself. My mind is always hungry for more information. Sometimes it’s hungry to learn about gear and safety in my sports, other times I need something different. Lately I have found an entertaining way to feed this thirst of knowledge, by listening to podcasts. My friends and I are good about being sharing our podcasts with each other too. This creates some interesting social conversations at times.

Podcasts make my morning commute entertaining along with getting my mind fired up and working for the day. One of my weekly podcast choices include The Hidden Brain, and this week specifically there was an episode called “Boycotts And Buycotts: How We Use Money To Express Ourselves“. There was a piece of this episode that has really stuck with me this week, they talked about how we show social status in different cultures.


Do you remember in grade school how important the clothes you wore were. How about the backpack and other gear you had was? I remember it all too well. Growing up in a small farm town in western Minnesota, material possessions showed your status and either how well traveled you were and how wealthy your family was. When entering school the first week of the year some of the girls would brag about how far they had to travel to get the cute clothes they had.

I thought this was just a small town stigma. I was given the opportunity to start over my freshman year of high school as my family moved. Now living just outside twin cities metro I opted to change my views and personality on this material social status idea I grew up with. I started putting myself out there and talking to more people.

Throughout high school I started busying myself with different activities like pond hockey. I also was first introduced to snowboarding by my friend Laura. Soon, activities became my life rather than objects. However, I will admit I swooned for a coach purse which I worked hard to purchase by the time I reached college. I’m human, sometimes material objects do hold a status still.


Throughout these young years of growth and shifting my focus from material to experiences I have found myself, now in my later 20’s to be a social butterfly and adventure junkie. I meet a lot of great people through my sports including some of my closest friends and my boyfriend. (Looking for a man? Maybe you should try snowboarding😉)

I’m out and about every weekend with friends on a new adventure, sneaking some family time in here and there of course. I am, breaking away from the social norms of materials and choosing to spend my money on plane tickets or gas to go places. Or am I? That’s where this podcast really got me.


I felt like I was being different, choosing my own path. However in this episode they point out that currently here in America our social status is determined by how busy we are. Each country’s social status is “determined” if you will, differently. An example they mention is Italy where your social status is determined by your family. They mention how in another culture having nice things like a super nice car determines social status.

Maybe here in the United States this message get’s a bit muddled as we are a melting pot of many different cultures but overall, there is one main message. The busier you are, the higher of a social status you have.

Mind blown. Here I thought I was being different, breaking the norm. As I ponder this idea of social status, I really think that I felt so different because I look at the generation ahead of mine. Not all generations are viewing our social status the same way. The generation ahead sees me going out and doing what I want when I want. But they don’t know how I actually live day to day, they just see the wild photos and videos I am sharing.

I think, unconsciously I was following the status quo of those around me. Which, really disappointed me upon this realization. However, we are in a unique time with so many opportunities available. I am still a believer in “you do you”. Whether that means your following the status quo or not. You are living your life the way you want to live it.


Inspiration Tips & How To

Gift Ideas for Adventurous Snowboarders & Skiers

Gift Guide for Adventurous Snowboarders - Crew Photo

Oh snap! The holiday’s are just around the corner and the shopping frenzy is about to begin. With Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday coming up I’m getting my gift list put together.

I like to give the gift of experiences. Sometimes this is a concert or massage, others this is an object to aid in creating an experience like goodies for traveling or other adventures. That’s where this list comes from, I thought it’d be fun to put together a list of things I use consistently in my snowboarding adventures or am looking into purchasing myself to help you get some gifting ideas if you have a friend or family member who snowboards or skis that you are shopping for this holiday season.

Note: Since I am a lady, some of these products point to the women’s version but there are variations available for both genders.




Ski Balm – $8.27 at Amazon

I have not tried this personally yet but it is on my list this season. Ski Balm is a facial lotion and lip balm to help prevent sunburn and wind burn.

Handwarmers – $6.95 for 5 Pack at Amazon

You can never go wrong with handwarmers! I buy these babies in bulk at the beginning of the season to use throughout. I also found a great hack to keep one in my phone pocket as well since the cold kills the battery, this helps prevent my phone from getting too cold so I can continue to listen to my tunes all day.

Portable Pocket Charger – $10.99 at Amazon

I carry one of these in my pack at all times. With the cold and the lack of service in some areas your cell phone battery struggles. This is a great backup to have in case you ever get into a sticky situation. This isn’t your awesome power bank to charge everything, it’s a backup that is pocket sized and lightweight.

Flylow Gobblette Neck Gator – $11.95 at Backcountry

I love to have multiple neck gators of fun patterns. This switches up my outfit from ride to ride, also ensures I have a clean, dry one available.

Avalanche Terrain Book – $13.95 at Amazon

For the backcountry enthusiast this book is a must read! Nothing compares to actual experience and though you should still take a class, this is a great place to start. I am hoping to get one in my stocking this year (hint hint) as I have several upcoming trips that will include some backcountry adventures.

Smartwool Socks – $25.00 at Backcountry

I am looking to switch up my sock game this season and have heard rave reviews about these. My feet have a tendency to freeze quickly and as I learn more about layering, these would be much better than a thick pair of socks in your boots which surprisingly can actually make your feet colder due to how snug they make your boots.



Smartwool Balaclava – $40.00 at Backcountry

Similar to a neck gator is this sweet head garment. These thin yet warm layers fit nicely under a helmet rather than wearing a bulky hat.

Under Armour Cold Gear Leggings – $48.99 at Under Armour Outlet

I am seriously obsessed with these and you can never have too many! I currently have two pairs myself. They are super warm and stretchy, yet thin so they layer very comfortably under snow pants giving me maximum range of motion while riding.


Smith Bluetooth Helmet Speakers – $130.00 at Backcountry

I have several friends with these sweet puppies and am antsy to pick up a pair for myself! These bluetooth speakers fit nicely into helmets with the headphone friendly liner. They also work on clicks, clicking the sides to answer your phone and pause the tunes.

Dakine Low Roller Snowboard Bag – $134.95 at Backcountry

A good bag is a staple for any snowboarder or skier who travels. Above is a snowboard bag with some specific things I look for. It allows for two boards to be packed and protected along with roller wheels for lugging it around. It also has a separate space for your boots which is great if you’re like me going right from the slope to the airport separating the dry from the wet.

Avalanche Safety Class Registration – $350+ at AIARE

Do you have a backcountry enthusiast on your hands? Give the gift of knowledge and safety. AIARE offers multiple classes throughout the year. Begin at level one and work your way up!


Haha see what I did there? If you clicked through the links of this article you will notice I referenced some specific quite a bit. These site is one my staples for anything related to snowboarding, that I personally shop and love. This is a great place to give someone a gift card to if you don’t want to purchase an actual gift. Another great gift card option is where you can purchase season passes, single-day and multi-day lift tickets as well.

I did not want to get into the nitty gritty of snowboards, skis, and all other larger items as they will vary so much by person and their style of riding. If you happen to know what they are eyeing up that is great! Otherwise I would advise staying away from purchasing said items and just doing a gift card instead.

I hope this post helps in your shopping adventure this season. What else is on your list?


Product images are directly from the linked product pages.


Anxiously Awaiting Winter

Kait's view while hiking up Big Cottonwood Canyon

It is full fledge fall here in Minnesota, the leaves are sparse and temps are riding a roller coaster up here and we just had our first glimpse of snow! Winter is my absolute favorite season due to my love of snowboarding and the crazy adventures this sport has opened up for me such as Explore Montezuma’s Backcountry. This upcoming season has all of us snowboarders anxiously waiting as we are getting travel plans and new goals to up our shred game into place.

Through snowboarding I have met some great people that I have become very close with in addition to meeting my boyfriend. With so many of us in love with the same sport I have found some trends in our behavior at this time of year that make me laugh. Before meeting my main riding crew, I thought I was alone in these actions as none of my friends were as obsessed as I was but I have come to find out that I am not.


Post Throwbacks

Suddenly my feed is filling with photos and videos of snowboarding, but there’s no snow yet what? Everyone is posting throwback photos and videos from last shred season just making all of us that much more anxious ahhh!

And now, my turn. If you have been following this blog for a while you will recognize this from one of my post Hike for Fresh Lines in Big Cottonwood Canyon.

Taking a break to snap some photos on the hike up.

Say Goodbye

We all have those friends who don’t snowboard, who hate winter and hibernate. We’re having our last hoorah’s out on the boat and nights out dancing on the rooftops saying goodbye to our summer friends.

We won’t be seeing them until the lifts close.

Sweat it Out

I’ve noticed an uptick lately in everyone’s workout habits. We’re off to hit the gym, trails and finding home workouts in order to get the endurance and slope climbing legs back for this seasons adventures!

Those few extra beers on the boat were not burnt off by high altitudes…

Personally I’m kickin’ butt and down 10 pounds from doing the 21 Day Fix and keeping a regular running routine. 13 more to go before mid December when snowboard season is in full swing!

Start Planning Trips & Events

It’s time to hit up the shred crew for a re-union and to discuss this winters travel plans. At minimum one trip a month for those who don’t live in the mountains, right? Can’t forget about the local scene either. This year with my girls at Shred Babe we will be hosting Wild Ladies Nights and other social rides around local slopes.

Close Your Eyes and Submit

It’s that time (if you haven’t already) to purchase your season pass(es)! Unfortunately, the passes are not cheap, but it’s cheaper than paying for a lift ticket every time. It’s time to hit purchase before they sell out! Some multi-mountain passes I suggest are below:

Computer in lap, pass in hand ready to renew.

Litter Your Place With Gear

Time to dig all the snowboarding gear out of storage, if it ever even got put away. Can’t forget to order new gear because the three sets we already have just aren’t enough, this season is going to be EPIC!!! Some of my favorite places to shop include: 

Snowboard boots and helmet in storage.

Watch Snowboarding Vids

So much anxiety in waiting for the snow to fall! Snowboarders need that adrenaline rush now so we’re binge watching epic snowboarding videos on YouTube and movies we own such as The Fourth Phase.


The Snowboarders Snow Dance

If you find yourself performing these actions, then you my friend are obsessed with snowboarding too.


Push Forward

Buried In Leaves

It’s that time of year again, the magical time of pumpkin spice latte’s and leggings. For myself however, this season is one of the toughest seasons of the year. It’s not magical, it’s a season of depression and anxiety. I have found, each year about this time I start to get into a rut so I am setting a goal to continue to push forward through it.

This rut actually goes back to days of grade school. We are entering that time where going to school is a grueling task. You wake up, go to school, do your homework, head to bed and repeat. For college it was mid terms during this time. We all know how stressful that can be.

After college and even into the beginning of my professional career I was going to work at an ad agency in Fargo which during this time I would be working overtime preparing for holiday campaigns. Don’t get me wrong, I loved working at the agency but it is a beast of anxiety, there were good days and bad. After my day at the agency I would head off to my second job bartending so I could afford to pay my student loans. Then I would finally sneak in some sleep and repeat the cycle the next day.

I hit the gym when I found time which seemed to help but the buildup of years of the same pattern created a constant reminder of the past when all the smells of fall start arising. Did you know that your sense of smell can trigger memories and emotions? This is what keeps happening over and over, I am reminded each year of the stress and anxiety of all the years previous at this time on top of the current issues and it keeps building on top of each other.

This year I have been working very hard to NOT get into that slump again. Though, I do feel my thoughts still slipping at times.

All my trips coming up this winter and spring have me extremely anxious and worried about funds this year. I will be flying to Houston Texas in a couple weeks to visit my mom, step-dad and siblings after finding a $98 fare from Minneapolis using Airfarewatchdog. In December I am road tripping out to Colorado utilizing my Mountain Collective Pass at a few resorts there. In January, I will be road tripping out Jackson Hole for my first time. Then in April I am flying out to Cancun for one of my bests weddings. On top of the trips, I would like to make some updates to my townhouse which is never as cheap as I think it’s going to be.

On top of costs, thoughts of the time I will be taking off in order to take all these trips have me depressed that I have not been able to fully transition to a full time freelance designer and photographer which I had hoped by this time would be my way of life so I could work as I travel and do more of it. I had also hoped by now I would be continuously posting on this blog but I have not, and for that I apologize.

I am not writing today to complain, I am writing to tell you that I have been there and still deal with issues today. Though my social pages may look glamorous, that is not everyday life. I was inspired by one of my favorite bloggers Erin Outdoors and her post Keep Going today. I too wanted to be here to say if you are reading this and connecting, to keep pushing forward.


I will continue to push forward therefore I am making a promise to have a post to you every other week to grow this community of readers, to share my adventures, to share life struggles and to offer advice when I am able but to also learn from you, my readers. My co-blogger Chelsie will be posting on my off weeks.

Stay Positive

I am fighting for happy thoughts and to keep my stress levels low with regular workouts that create happy endorphins. Currently I am doing the 21 Day Fix and the day that this post launches will be the end of my first round! I also find releases in running outdoors. I highly recommend running for anxiety relief. If you are not much of a runner, see how I tricked myself into enjoy running. Can’t forget about longboarding the Minneapolis trails and admiring the colors too. I am trying to change my smelly memories (haha couldn’t help myself) into those associated with healthy movements and beautiful views.

Push Forward with Weekly a Schedule and Goals

Set Goals

I am setting goals each week that are attainable yet give me a challenge to push forward. Writing goals down weekly and monthly in my Passion Planner* helps me stay on track. Some goals are as simple as not giving into sweets. Others are sticking to a workout plan or finishing a big freelance project.

If you are struggling at this time, remember you are not alone. I am making a commitment to myself to take one day at a time. To focus on meeting small goals, that when met the big things will fall into place. I hope this helps you to make a commitment to yourself too in hopes of helping you push forward.


*If you decide purchase a Passion Planner please put my email as a referral


28th Birthday Shenanigans In Colorado

Group Shot with Snowboards

Kaitlyn blowing out birthday candles.A couple weeks ago I traveled out to Colorado to visit my co-blogger Chelsie. Not only that, but this was a special trip because it was my BIRTHDAY WEEKEND!

This trip was unique. I brought two friends, Ashly and Merry, who had never been snowboarding in the mountains. Needless to say, my driving terrified them. Haha just kidding, but not really. It was a great experience to show them my absolute love of the mountains and why I have such a strong passion for snowboarding.

Side Note: If you are still trying to convince your friends to snowboard, check out my post 17 Reasons You Need to Learn To Snowboard. Both my friends are both now considering the epic local pass for next season too!

Girl Group Shot at Breckenridge

Extreme Surprises

This trip’s adventures didn’t end there. Some of the crew surprised me with a sick backcountry experience! On Saturday, our crew split into two with the newbies heading to Breckenridge Ski Resort and the experienced riders heading to the backcountry of Montezuma Colorado. This time not only with our boards, but also a snowmobile!

Snowmobile on Truck Trailer

I can’t begin to describe how giddy I was! Fun Fact: I grew up snowmobiling with my dad. I was driving my own sled by the time I was about 10 years old. Unfortunately due to the dry winters as of late here in Minnesota my dad sold all our sleds my senior year of high school. It’s been at least 10 YEARS since I’ve been on one!

Backcountry Group Shot at Camp