Getting Ready for the Snowboard Season

Before shredding photo

Last fall would not end! Here in Minnesota the temps dropped dramatically at the end of September then came back up in October and they stayed up for what felt like forever. We didn’t get our first snow until last week!

In the meantime while waiting and praying to the snow gods I have been planning a trip. Well, okay I am not the planner but I was invited on an EPIC trip! This is going to be a trip of many firsts, I’m terrified with excitement!

My list of firsts:

  1. Road trip for snowboarding! I’ve always flown…
  2. First trip with this crew! Small crew of 3 of us, photos to come in a later post.
  3. First time snowshoeing! I have yet to see what exactly I’m getting myself into…
  4. First time doing some serious backcountry boarding! I am being supplied with most of the proper gear including a beacon.

Yep, that’s right I’m headed to Utah for an entire week! Leaving Christmas day and coming back New Years Day. I have never been to Utah before, we will be staying in Salt Lake City. There are tons of resorts to choose from. Our plan is two days hiking Big Cottonwood Canyon and 3 days resorts. They are currently getting SLAMMED with snow! One stop may even be Jackson Hole which will also make two more firsts. Never been to Jackson Hole or Wyoming.

In preparation for this trip I have hit cardio HARD! I’ve been doing the stair stepper and uphill running to make sure I am ready to hike this mountain. Perks: Stair stepper is great for toning your but and legs! Ow ow my jeans are lookin great on me!

I have also been hitting my local hill as much as possible to feel out my new board I bought this year. The 2016 GNU B-Pro which I am in complete LOVE with. I will say this over and over again, one of the best reasons to get into snowboarding is the friends. Last Saturday I hit the slopes solo only to discover several others in my shred crew did the same. Mini crew shred!


I’m so pumped! Less than a week away wohoo!

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    Summer Glitter
    December 19, 2016 at 2:49 pm

    Guess who else just got a B-Pro?! This girl!!

    How awesome, I can’t wait to see photos and read stories! You are going to have a GREAT time!

    I can connect you with some SLC people that ski backcountry as well if you’re up for it! If you want to party…they best night (believe it or not) is actually Christmas night – go out in Park City…you will have a blast!

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