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Jerry Penning (JP) at the top of Brighton Resort, Utah.

Hey, Jerry here but you can call me JP. I’ve always been down for the adventure, especially in the outdoors. My outdoor calling came at a young age where I was involved with a club that specialized in survival. Since then I have explored in outdoor rock climbing, boating, fishing, camping, mountain biking and more.

There never seems to be enough time to do it all so I’ve focused in on a few of my favorites. In the winter you will find me hiking mountains or escaping through the gates of resorts for some fresh lines on my snowboard. The backcountry is where it’s at. In the summer I am without service, disconnected from the chaos while canoe camping and fishing for muskies with my boys.

JP's Muskie Catch Summer 2017

I’ve been filling the gaps between seasons with small triathlons. I have recently found a better fit with adventure triathlons, you can check out our experience here. My perfect day would be to shred down a mountain and catch a fish at the bottom.


It’s been interesting watching Kait grow this blog over the course of our relationship. I’ve been helping with ideas, photos, and some videography behind the scenes for a while.

Right out of high school I spent years working as a whitewater kayaker mostly on the east coast. I have little to no record of my adventures except my own memories of the experience itself. I thought this is what I would be doing for the rest of my life until an injury took me out of the game. Watching Kait share her adventures through Frozen Or Thawed got me to thinking how I wish I could’ve shared those glorious moments with someone, especially my mom.

So here it is, cheers to trying something new and very out of my wheelhouse.



In 2010 I co-started SFFS, Shredders Forever Forever Shredders, with Kapp and Bell. SFFS is a ride crew that focuses on the love of extreme sports in the upper Mid-West. Everything from fun in the sun, to shredding the snow in the winter. If you love doing things that might break a bone, then you will love SFFS. We want to let everyone in the world know the the Mid-West is the place to be for fun in the country.

I’m the guy in the middle, you can figure out which one is Bell and Kapp from here.

SFFS Founders Bell, JP, Dan

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