About Kait

Kaitlyn taking a break on the mountainside while riding down to take in the views.

Hello I’m Kaitlyn but you can call me Kait. My feet are happy on a board no matter if the water is Frozen Or Thawed. I am an adventure seeker navigating life through my love of the outdoors. Majority of my adventures include snowboarding or wakeboarding which drives my passion for health and fitness to continue doing the sports I love for years to come.

My path is my own, but I want to share it in hopes to help others whether it be something to relate to or to look into the perspective of someone whom has made different life choices. To take you on an adventure in the comfort of your own home.


I received my first GoPro as a Christmas gift in 2012, the GoPro Hero3 Silver. That’s where it began. I have cultivated so much content while going on adventures and did not have a way to showcase it. I have several external drives exploding with content just sitting there.

While wakeboarding a couple summers ago, my friend Wade mentioned that I should start a blog and share the adventures I go. I loved the idea of being able to put a story behind my content. It’s been a fun journey giving the photos and videos context rather than a small post on Facebook. Being the graphic designer I am, I took to my sketchbook and came up with the mountain-drop logo you see above.

I shared the logo with my friends via snapchat of course. Chelsie (previous co-blogger) instantly responded telling me she wanted to start blogging. She had the perfect name but no logo, Frozen Or Thawed. Thus the blog began in December of 2015 with three of us to start but now down to myself as of November 2017 due to life and career priorities.


Alongside working on my blog I am a photographer and graphic designer. I capture natural and colorful portraits which you can view at my website KSO Capture while I am also trying to get into the adventure photography space. My skills for building this site come from my graphic design background in which you can view my portfolio here.

My passion doesn’t end there. I utilize my design and photography skills combined with my passion for board sports and getting others involved in a company I am Co-Founder of, Shred Babe. With my friends Holly and Alie we are on a mission empowering girls who shred by hosting boarding socials and creating fun and inspiring gear.

Brittany representing Shred Babe