Reflecting On 2015

Kait, Chelsie, Alie, and Holly posing with snowboards.

With only two personal blog posts you don’t really know me yet. What better time than now to give you this last year in review so you have an idea of what’s to come in 2016 and the future of this blog!

I was really excited for 2015, 5 happens to be my lucky number. Check out to see your top instagram photos. This is what I got, BAM!


My #gopro is definitely my best friend since ALL of these photos were taken with it. It helped that I finally figured out how to connect it to the app on my phone so I can take crazy pics! I know it’s a video camera…but pictures are my favorite. I am a photographer on the side of my day job and activities. You’ll notice that yes, I have a “selfie stick”. But I get sick shots!


Seriously 5 was my lucky number! Did some great things this last year, lot’s of adventures and time with my feet on and off a board!

  1. I ran, finished and completely demolished my goals in my first half marathon! My goal was to finish in 2:30 and not stop. I ended up finishing in 2:11! Did I mention I’m also a runner and tri-athlete?
  2. Bought my first wakeboard and am learning how to get massive air which still a work in progress.
  3. Tried longboarding again since college and I’m hooked. Looking at buying a setup, suggestions are welcome. I’m looking at a cruiser of sorts.
  4. Took snowboarding to the next level with two trips out to the mountains. First time I demolished those black diamonds and progressed majorly in my fear of heights. This last time I hit untouched powder for the first time ever! I also managed to get stuck in it for at least a half hour. Blog post to come.
  5. I got the opportunity to check out Colorado in the off season and do some hiking in the mountains for the first time ever. I also got to experience the wakeboard scene in Denver along with Oktoberfest, in which there may have been a few shots.
  6. Started playing in a soccer league that, let’s face it I was not good at to start with but with the coaching of my teammates and their willingness to work with my lack of skills I have excelled greatly (though nowhere near pro haha). Go TNT!


Here’s a peak of what I look forward to accomplishing in 2016.

  1. Running a half marathon in under 2 hours.
  2. Jumping the wake and landing a tantrum!
  3. Buying a longboard and going on new adventures.
  4. Hit fresh powder on my snowboard and not get stuck…
  5. Learn park tricks on my snowboard.
  6. Buying a new bike and hopefully competing in the 106 West Tri!
  7. Travel as much as possible!

I met A LOT of great people this year! Some of which have become close friends and my main shred crew. Sadly I lost a friend along the way due to an ATV accident, RIP Aaron Sly. I’m thankful that he passed doing something he loved. Life continues to sweep me off my feet. Focusing on the positive while remembering the losses I’m excited to see what 2016 brings.

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