Reflecting on 2017

2017 coming to an end with a sunset over the mountains.

Since high school I feel like the years are zooming by faster and faster. This is both exciting and scary to me, it seems life is going to fly by too fast. This year, I had a big focus on slowing down. In the summer of 2016 I had plans every weekend, I didn’t get to be spontaneous. Reflecting on that year I had some goals for 2017. Some goals were met, others were not but I do feel it’s still important to continue to set them.

This is the second time I have written a year’s reflection post. My first one was in 2015, this is something I plan to continue each year as it is a written letter to myself in hopes that it will inspire or help others too due to the honesty and not accomplishing everything you set out to.


Gaining Confidence

A new year has begun and the first big thing on the agenda is a road trip out to Colorado for snowboarding of course. We were able to hit up Beaver Creek, this happened to my first time. I also got to ride with one of my bests who had recently moved to California and was able to meet us out there. This first trip in 2017 is where I really saw the progression after my trip to Utah with Ben and Jerry. I was killing it in the trees! A big step up after my unforgettable fails in Utah.

New Relationships

In February I started dating my boyfriend, Jerry. We make an interesting couple being a whopping 15 years apart, but we really compliment each other. We had been snowboarding together (which is how we met) for a season and a half now with one fun trip under our belts prior out to Utah which you have by this point seen multiple posts if you’ve been keeping up with my blog.


In March for my birthday I had a crew head out to Colorado. So many exciting factors to this trip made it epic even though there were no powder days. I brought two of my friends out to ride in the mountains for their first time. With this came the post on how to pack a snowboard bag when flying. The second is the snowmobiling factor. There was a sweet day out in the backcountry of Montezuma Colorado including snowmobiles, snowboards, and a bonfire. You can read about that experience here.

In November I was off to Texas for to visit my family. I am a child of divorce and grew up with my dad here in Minnesota. My mother decided to join the army when I was in third grade and has been at a distance ever since. I now have a step-dad, half brother and half sister living with my mom in Texas. Using I scored a $98 flight on Spirit Airlines from Minneapolis to Houston. To avoid the extra fees I even managed to fit everything I needed for the week into a backpack.


One thing I try to do every year is give back to a community I am involved in. These communities can vary from where I live, a sport that I’m involved in or a hobby. Locally I make sure to donate to the local Goodwill when I am purging my house of anything.

On the hobby side of things I am giving back to the community through my side hustle Shred Babe. We are on a mission to empower girls who shred by hosting boarding socials for like minded individuals to meet each other and take to the slopes, streets, or water with added confidence and support of new friendships.

The past three years I have volunteered for AIGA Minnesota’s Portfolio 1-on-1. This event is near and dear to my heart as I attended as a design student myself. It’s a great way for me to be involved in the wonderful design community Minneapolis has to offer and give back to the design community by introducing new graphic designers to professionals. If you are a design student located in any of the surrounding states I highly recommend signing up for this event. Students have left with jobs at local agencies.



A late summer wakesurf session took a quick turn on the last rides of the evening with a visit to the emergency room and loss of a finger for my friend. It was a big lesson for all of us on using the proper gear and being prepared for anything. Losing a didget isn’t as uncommon as you think in water sports, which is doubly scary. I have a planned post later this year on first aid safety while wakeboarding/wakesurfing in case of a similar event.


I did not move to Colorado this winter like I had originally planned. With a new relationship my timeline and destination have changed. Together we have a shared love of the mountains and plan to move to Utah if things continue as great as they have been. Something that’s double sweet is my cousin and her husband are also looking to move there about the same time as us. That would be amazing! Crossing my fingers the stars align.


Something happened this year that I did not expect, I have found my voice while writing. I have decided to really pursue this blog with goals to turn it into a working portfolio of inspirational adventures, life stories, and some how to’s along the way.

However, I can not do this without having something to organize my thoughts. This is where my Passion Planner* comes in (no, I’m not endorsed I just freaking love it!). I am able to map out my year goals and have written in due dates. Having something in writing makes a big difference for myself, especially in this digital age. With my planner I give myself written deadlines and plan out things with a timeline that makes sense. Even though they are written, I have already made some changes to timelines due to travel changes and such. I am learning to be more flexible, not so hard on myself and celebrate the small successes.

It’s so easy to lose things or just simply avoid in the digital age. I have some big goals for 2018 both personal and for blogging. I am going to make you wait until next week to read more.

*If you love what you’ve seen about the Passion Planner and plan to purchase your own please put my email as a referral. Much appreciated thank you!

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