Anxiously Awaiting Winter

Kait's view while hiking up Big Cottonwood Canyon

It is full fledge fall here in Minnesota, the leaves are sparse and temps are riding a roller coaster up here and we just had our first glimpse of snow! Winter is my absolute favorite season due to my love of snowboarding and the crazy adventures this sport has opened up for me such as Explore Montezuma’s Backcountry. This upcoming season has all of us snowboarders anxiously waiting as we are getting travel plans and new goals to up our shred game into place.

Through snowboarding I have met some great people that I have become very close with in addition to meeting my boyfriend. With so many of us in love with the same sport I have found some trends in our behavior at this time of year that make me laugh. Before meeting my main riding crew, I thought I was alone in these actions as none of my friends were as obsessed as I was but I have come to find out that I am not.


Post Throwbacks

Suddenly my feed is filling with photos and videos of snowboarding, but there’s no snow yet what? Everyone is posting throwback photos and videos from last shred season just making all of us that much more anxious ahhh!

And now, my turn. If you have been following this blog for a while you will recognize this from one of my post Hike for Fresh Lines in Big Cottonwood Canyon.

Taking a break to snap some photos on the hike up.

Say Goodbye

We all have those friends who don’t snowboard, who hate winter and hibernate. We’re having our last hoorah’s out on the boat and nights out dancing on the rooftops saying goodbye to our summer friends.

We won’t be seeing them until the lifts close.

Sweat it Out

I’ve noticed an uptick lately in everyone’s workout habits. We’re off to hit the gym, trails and finding home workouts in order to get the endurance and slope climbing legs back for this seasons adventures!

Those few extra beers on the boat were not burnt off by high altitudes…

Personally I’m kickin’ butt and down 10 pounds from doing the 21 Day Fix and keeping a regular running routine. 13 more to go before mid December when snowboard season is in full swing!

Start Planning Trips & Events

It’s time to hit up the shred crew for a re-union and to discuss this winters travel plans. At minimum one trip a month for those who don’t live in the mountains, right? Can’t forget about the local scene either. This year with my girls at Shred Babe we will be hosting Wild Ladies Nights and other social rides around local slopes.

Close Your Eyes and Submit

It’s that time (if you haven’t already) to purchase your season pass(es)! Unfortunately, the passes are not cheap, but it’s cheaper than paying for a lift ticket every time. It’s time to hit purchase before they sell out! Some multi-mountain passes I suggest are below:

Computer in lap, pass in hand ready to renew.

Litter Your Place With Gear

Time to dig all the snowboarding gear out of storage, if it ever even got put away. Can’t forget to order new gear because the three sets we already have just aren’t enough, this season is going to be EPIC!!! Some of my favorite places to shop include: 

Snowboard boots and helmet in storage.

Watch Snowboarding Vids

So much anxiety in waiting for the snow to fall! Snowboarders need that adrenaline rush now so we’re binge watching epic snowboarding videos on YouTube and movies we own such as The Fourth Phase.


The Snowboarders Snow Dance

If you find yourself performing these actions, then you my friend are obsessed with snowboarding too.

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