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5 Things to Avoid While Snowboarding in Deep Powder

Wow what a trip! I learned a lot while shredding it up with my friends Ben and Jerry out in Utah. To start off, I have never ridden deep powder before! I know how sad, this is my 9th season! This is what happens when you live in Minnesota and were a broke high schooler and college kid when starting out. I mean, I’m not a virgin to powder but nothing more than a few inches really. Is that really powder even?

Ben, Jerry, and I packed the Jeep and headed out west to Salt Lake City, Utah for my first epic snowboarding road trip over the holiday break. In the past I have always flown. I should mention, they both are great riders who were constantly pushing my skills and tested my limits on this trip. I call Jerry the “escape artist” because every resort he would find the gates and we’d hit it up out of bounds. Ben is the “Destroyer” whipping through trees, and when he first began, falling off chairlifts haha!

This trip also included my first backcountry snowboarding experience. We took a couple days to hike Big Cottonwood Canyon. Honestly this is my favorite way to ride. Ride hard doing things you’ve never done with experienced people, you learn quick! However, the deep powder that Utah had to offer was not always my friend. Here are some things I took away from this adventure.



When riding in deep powder, DO NOT lean too far forward.


When they say go straight off the rock, DO NOT aim left otherwise you could land on a smaller hidden rock.


DO NOT do a jumping jack off the cliff. You won’t land it.


DO NOT fall in front of your friends, they will skeet you.


DO NOT do so much “whooshing” that you lose your balance.

The best way to learn is to fail. Man, did I do a lot of learning…


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